Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adventures in Buying

Buying for a store like Gretta Sloane is every little stylish girls dream job, right? Let me tell you, it's everything you could imagine! Here's a peek inside our trip to New York fashion week and market from earlier this month.

Wednesday, midnight:
Arrive in the fashion capital of the world. Toast to Manhattan then quickly tuck yourself in for beauty sleep.

Jacquelyn outside of Lincoln Center.

It's New York Fashion Week! Oh, the excitement!

[sidenote: we have THE sweetest representitaves from the lines we carry, and they are the reason we got tickets to the shows at NYFW.]

Some looks from Richard Chai [not sure why we were invited to this, but who could turn down a fashion show?]

Marissa Webb that afternoon. Very ladylike with an edge.

Day 2 of NYFW. Rebecca Minkoff. Hello, third row! Hello, celebs! Hello, live performance by Janelle Monae! The excitement and energy was practically reverberating throughout the entire all-white space.

A quick video of the finale.

Fast forward to Monday: 
[Saturday and Sunday are just 48 hours of absolute gluttony and strolling through the village, as you do when you are in Manhattan on a perfect fall weekend.]

Only a few showroom appointments on Monday, it's best to ease oneself into the madness that is showrooming.

Brochu Walker, ALC, and Alexander Wang were a few on the list.

What a rotten view of Bryant Park from the Brochu and A.L.C showrooms, huh?

Hit the ground running at 7:00am. Make sure to never be without a coffee in your hand, switch from heels to flats, and get your fashion eyeballs ready.

Fashion Mecca.

Mara Hoffman, IRO, Rag & Bone, Nili Lotan, BLK Denim, Marissa Webb, LemLem... All the clothes start looking the same at some point [even though they are vastly different and each equally beautiful]. This is when you praise the ghost of Steve Jobs for your trusty smart phone that will be the photographic memory you lack.

Another early wake-up call, pack your bags, get a triple shot [there's a reason NYC is fashion capital AND has a Starbucks on every corner], and hit your last three spots on the list. High-five in the cab after the last appointment, head straight for Sara Beth's on Central Park, take a deep breath [for the first time in three days] and feel happy and exhausted and excited for SPRING 2014!

It's ordering time, we are back in OKC.

Cutting up lookbooks to make sure we have juuuust the right selection.

We look over notes, and all of us at Gretta Sloane give our two cents into the orders. We are thinking of YOU, dear customer. "So-and-so would look AMAZING in this dress" is something we say every ten minutes.

For your enjoyment:

Coolest showroom- Mara Hoffman. She picked out each rug and piece of furniture herself [you better believe I am making a dream catcher for my house now].

Favorite new line- IRO. ::insert heart-eyes emoji here:: [more on IRO later, in the meantime, check out their fall line in our store now].

Question we asked the most- "Can I plug-in my phone?" (runner up: "can I use your bathroom?")

Most humbling moment- Sharing the Rag & Bone showroom with the Neiman Marcus buyers. Wow! What a team! (I must say, we have verrrry similar taste...)

Check back soon for our next post on fall's top ten trends!

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